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225,000 USD - Apartments - 2 bedrooms - 2 bathrooms - 125.00 m2 - 4 Units

Overview of 125 sqm Apartment for Sale in Mtayleb

Mtayleb 52

Mtayleb 52 is a secured residential Building in Mtayleb, Metn, Lebanon. It is located in a secure, calm and uncrowded neighborhood characterized by strictly-controlled entrances for pedestrians, automobiles and by a closed perimeter of walls and fences.

It is is a modern designed building to attract new generation with its unique look and architectural design in a modern city, Mtayleb. 24/7 security cameras surround the entrance as well as the Parking entrance to ensure full safety, protection and privacy of residents.


  • 125 sqm Space
  • Two Bedrooms
  • Two Bathrooms
  • Two Parking Spots
  • Concierge
  • Sea View

Asking Price: 225,000 USD

Abboud Abboud Developers
Kornet Chehwan, El Metn, Lebanon