Ghadir 512

لمحة عن مشروع Ghadir 512

Ghadir 512

Ghadir 512 is a residential project nestled in the heart of Kesrouane with a view over the sea.

General Specifications


  • External cutting double wall thickness 10 cm according to accompanying maps
  • The external facade aluminum Sidem 2000 and glass 5.5 mm with electrical Monoblock
  • Aluminum railing with stained glass
  • Natural stone cladding
  • Covered balconies
  • 60% covered roof
  • 2 parking spots
  • Small storage for each apartment
  • Iron and glass entrance door
  • Common water tank and 1000L independent water tank for each apartment
  • Concierge room with kitchen and bathroom
  • Double speed electrical elevator
  • The main entrance of Granite tiles with mirrors, lighting and gypsum
  • Granite stairs
  • Automatic garage gate


  • Electrical hot water tank
  • Oak doors for the main entrance and kitchen
  • MDF doors for bedrooms
  • Installation of sanitary wares for bathrooms and taps Grohe
  • Central heating and installation of a separate chaudiere for each apartment
  • Electrical installation LeGrand
  • Washing machine installations
  • Granite sink
  • Oak kitchen cabinets
  • Marble tiles for entrance, salon and dining room
  • Ceramic and Porcelain tiles and walls for kitchen and bathrooms
  • Gypsum board for salon, dining room, kitchen and bathrooms
  • AC installations
  • Satellite installations

عقار ضمن Ghadir 512