Sea View Project

لمحة عن مشروع Sea View Project

Sea view Project built to provide living accommodations for the modern family it’s a deluxe residential and commercial complex ideally.

Sea View Project is situated in a prime location within khaldeh highway only minutes away from the Rafic Hariri international airport .

Designed in accordance to earthquake requirements in a unique architect landscaping image :

  • Gypsum board / Marble
  • Granite flooring
  • heater extension /elevator

Blocks A,B, & C are residential apartments that presented in each block over 5 floors with 2 apartments per floor. 

Block D is a modern and impressive commercial complex which consists of :

  • 5 floors directly located on Khaldeh highway,
  • 3 typical floors of office spaces above the first floor with its mezzanine dedicated to retail and coffee shops with an open terrace overlooking the sea. 

عقار ضمن Sea View Project