Mtayleb 52

لمحة عن مشروع Mtayleb 52

Mtayleb 52

Mtayleb 52 is a secured residential Building in Mtayleb, Metn, Lebanon. It is located in a secure, calm and uncrowded neighborhood characterized by strictly-controlled entrances for pedestrians, automobiles and by a closed perimeter of walls and fences.

It is is a modern designed building to attract new generation with its unique look and architectural design in a modern city, Mtayleb. 24/7 security cameras surround the entrance as well as the Parking entrance to ensure full safety, protection and privacy of residents.

Delivery in one year.


Design Criteria

  • Modern architectural design with Natural stone Façade
  • Structurally designed in accordance with local, government and seismic requirements and regulations


  • Exterior double walls providing sound and thermal insulation
  • Façade finishes: a combination of natural stone cladding and 2cm thickness Italian natural look ceramic
  • Double glazed aluminium doors and windows to provide a good insulation barrier for temperature and sound
  • Custom design 15 mm glazed balustrades for balconies
  • 70% of natural stone and 2cm Italian Natural look Ceramic external cladding

Conveying System/ Elevator

  • Elevators: Sliding automatic doors and stainless steel cabin
  • Load: 480kgs
  • Persons: 6
  • Speed: VVVF 1.0m/s
  • Doors: Automatic with telescopic opening
  • Make : Fortess

Tile internal finish

  • First choice Italian Ceramic 1 cm thickness flooring in entrance, living, dining, and main balcony
  • Ceramic tiling in family spaces, bedrooms, kitchens, and in maid’s rooms
  • Ceramic tiling on floors and walls of bathrooms


  • Modern Design
  • Frake wood frame, lipping and structure with solid core panels covered with Frake wood veneer for all apartments doors.
  • Entrance Door: Frake wood with a unique modern design
  • Salon Doors: Frake wood with frames
  • Interior doors of MDF lacquer painted wood / Veneer
  • Hardware: Doors levers shall be Martinelli or approved equivalent and door locks are of high end Brand


  • High end kitchens by a professional local Company

Kitchen Cabinets

  • High quality Cabinets, Top areglossy white and the bottom are wood look
  • Counter tops are of first choice granite or first choice
  • Sinks are of first choice stainless steel
  • Modern Kitchen accessories

Plumbing, Sanitary Wares & Fixtures

  • Sanitary fixtures are wall mounted (European standard)
  • Mixers by Grohe or equivalent. -Isolated sanitary installations with easy maintenance ducts
  • PPR Pipes are Italian made
  • Local and European PVC/Cast iron pipes for sewage and drainage

Central Heating

  • Boilers (Chappée, Zaegel Held, Dietrich, or equivalent)
  • Aluminium Italian heating radiators
  • Domestic hot water tanks heated by electricity and boiler (European)
  • Solar system energy for water heating.
  • Innovative modern heating system for each apartment which will reduce fuel consumption
  • Pumps type ( Salmson or equivalent)

Air Condition

  • Air condition pipes, plumbing and electrical installation are completed in all rooms
  • A/C units are not provided

Internal Electrical Hardware

  • Switches and sockets by Legrand
  • Internet, TV and telephone outlets
  • Circuit breakers Siemens, MERLIN GERIN or equivalent
  • Electrical wires are made in Lebanon

Common Mechanical Installations / Water Tanks

  • Main tank s on roof with separate back up tanks 2000 liter in the basement

Common Electrical Installations

  • Video interphone, Italian Brand
  • Internal and external Lighting system
  • Electrical Gate for main entrance and parking with remote control
  • Lighting and power surge protection

Common Amenities

  • Separate storage rooms in basements
  • CCTV system covering main gate


  • Common underground parking with 1 additional parking space for each apartment
  • Two car parking for each apartment
  • Guest car parking


  • Plaster and paint to all exposed walls and ceilings: 3layers putty and 3 layers paint
  • Entrance doors, living room doors and kitchen closets (Gloss)
  • Interior doors (oil paint)
  • Kitchen and bathroom ceilings (pastel and oil paint)
  • Apartment walls and ceilings (pastel with washable paint)


  • Waterproofing for: bathroom floors, Balconies, terraces, exterior elevations, roof top and all necessary areas


  • Local type and profile design, Sidem 2000
  • Sliding doors and windows with local style accessories
  • Sun – block aluminium design and automatic shutters
  • Profile TECHNAL GX & FX or equivalent
  • Double Glazing


  • Smoke and heat detectors in all electrical and mechanical rooms
  • Automatic gates with remote control for parking entrances
  • Security doors for main entrance lobby

عقار ضمن Mtayleb 52